Would you like to carry out your professional practices in France?

The program allows university students to have a professional experience in France during their studies.

Currently, many universities ask their students to have this experience outside the country, so each year 350 students participate in this program, in more than 200 companies.

With this program you will enjoy an intercultural experience, while improving your level of French and completing an enriching internship in your field of study in Paris, Nice or Bordeaux.

With these professional practices, you benefit from:

  • A complete French program adapted to your level that prepares you for your future professional career. A work experience with a serious employer, rigorously selected and with an internship agreement in accordance with current French law.
  • A safe stay with a permanent accompaniment of our teams for a stay in peace.


To be able to participate, it is important to see the topics that we propose and most importantly, that at the time of applying, you are still enrolled in the university of your country.