Being An Au Pair


Would you like to know France, its history and its culture ?

Do you like children?




The program offers the opportunity to improve your level of French by living with a host family and taking care of their children. This program is very much framed by European law.



The au pair is considered a member of the family. He / she will have their own bedroom, and will share the family meals and enjoy all the comforts of home. The au pair can share the bathroom with the children.


Families can be located in any region of France.



The activities of an au pair are directly linked to the care of children 25 hours a week. Among the activities that the au pair will have to perform :

  • Accompany and pick up the children from school,
  • Help them with their homework,
  • Play with them,
  • Prepare food,
  • Clean their rooms and keep their clothes clean,

In France, it is common for the mother to take care of the house and as a “member” of the family, she can ask the au pair to do some household chores to keep the house clean and tidy.

argent de poche• He / she will receive 90 € per week of pocket money (360 € / month). This money will be transferred to his bank account every Friday.
• 40 € / month for health / hospitalization / civil liability / repatriation insurance for the entire duration of the stay. We offer you an option on our website.
• URSSAF declaration every quarter. Calculate € 220 / month (around € 660 / quarter)
• 50-80 € Transport costs to your language school (sum which may vary depending on your geographic location)

nourritureYou must make a special room available to your au pair because it is very important that your au pair find some independence. You also make a commitment to provide him with all his meals, even on weekends and during the holidays. Meals can be taken together with the whole family or if you wish, your Au Pair can eat with your children. Favor family meals as much as possible, as this is a very important time to share the day.
horairesYour au pair cannot work more than 25 hours / week (babysitting included). Your au pair must be able to benefit from sufficient time to take language courses if he / she wishes. He / she will be entitled to a day and a half minimum rest per week (preferably on weekends) and 1 week every 6 months. It is important that the au pair can take advantage of your country and region. As soon as your file is created, you must inform us of the au pair’s schedule so that he / she can take lessons if he / she chooses. During their stay, this timetable can only be changed with the agreement of your au pair and you must notify us.
Assurance Médicale You must obligatorily subscribe a health-hospitalization / civil liability / repatriation insurance for the entire duration of his stay. Insurance remains the responsibility of the family.
You will owe your au pair a week of paid vacation every 6 months. If she / he wants additional time off, and you grant it, you will not have to pay her / him. If you go on vacation without him / her, your Au Pair will still have to be paid and receive additional money for food. During school holidays or during illness, your Au Pair may have to take care of your children full time. In this case, his pocket money will be increased accordingly (or you can give him rest days as compensation).


Your remuneration is in the form of pocket money. Your work with your host family is not a salaried job but rather considered as a caregiver. In exchange, you will be fed, housed and will receive pocket money the amount of which will be between 80-90 €

  • You can, if you wish, take language courses.
  • 1 and a half day of rest per week and 1 week every 6 months.
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Need a visa ?

If you need a visa, Au Pair Connexion will provide the documents necessary to carry out the formalities with the French Consulate in your country.
We place our au pair candidates in selected and well-informed families.
Each au pair can contact us or our partner agency during their entire stay.

In case of problem
If there are any problems between the host family and the au pair candidate, we will try to understand what is going on. If no solution is found, we will suggest another family (if there has been no serious violation of the program rules because otherwise, it will be expulsion from the program).